President’s Message

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Obviously, the Corvid-19 virus crisis has greatly affected us all and our Malling Rotary Club meetings and fund raising events have had to be postponed indefinitely.

In this year, which is our 60th anniversary of the founding of our Club, much had been planned to raise funds for our favourite local charities which, of course, have had to be abandoned. However, thanks to the magnificent donations from our members, we have been able to financially support many of those local charities that are in the front line in helping those affected.

As a result, we have donated over £1,500 to food banks in our area and £1000 to Spadework which is not only our favourite charity but also provides the venue for our meetings.

Regardless of what the future holds we, at Malling Rotary, will always do our best to support those that help the needy in our community as we believe that is our role.

Keep well and take care!